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Suite of Professional Services & Solutions

Value Based Care Education & Training 

 VBC progression begins by our trusted advisors educating staff on “Why Value-based Care Matters.”  We believe that for transformation success to occur and be sustainable, staff    must understand value-based trends, Population Health Management (PHM), and the overall practice impact it has on populations and the organization.   We offer expert services, engaged training, and a work defined framework for executing value-based progression.

  • Population Health Management - Basic and Advanced (PHM)
  • Value-Based Care – basic and advanced (VBC)
  • Why Value-Based Care vs Fee-for- Service
  • Understanding the Practice Impact of DAta Governance/Stewardship
  • Developing a Profitable Data Governance Model
  • Leveraging the Power of Data to Achieve Value-Based Care

From Planning to optimization. Managing the overall health and care delivery for a patient population requires meaningful and actionable business intelligence. This is achieved through an integrated health information technology solution that effectively collects, aggregates, and empowers end users with meaningful, actionable, and timely clinical and financial data.    Making investments in health IT demands an agnostic due diligence process led by industry experts.   Our advisors will evaluate your HIT infrastructure and suite of business intelligence reports to ensure it is aiding your organization in your efforts to proactively and efficiently manage every patient’s preventive, chronic, and predictive healthcare needs as a vital foundational step in your journey to achieve new Value-based care Transformation.

  • Vendor Planning, Readiness and Selection
  • Request for Proposals
  • Vendor Evaluation and Differentiators 
  • Leveraging & Integrating Health It Solutions to Effectively Manage Populations
  • Optimizing Business Intelligence & population Health Analytic Tools
  • Improving Data Governance - Aggregate, Normalize, Analyze and Reporting
  • Strengthening Data Analytics, Reporting Capabilities, And Workflow Redesign
  • Developing and Integrating Multi-Payer Value-Based Care Registries

Our expert advisors help organizations establish effective clinical, financial and operational workflows at the micro and macro levels of the organization.   We help you define clear lines of responsibility, establish best practices for effectively collecting and reporting required data, and work with your team to implement new integrated care coordination protocols essential to begin or advance your transformation journey to improve outcomes and reduce cost based on patient attribution and eligible value-based incentives.  Your data steward(s) will provide ongoing assessments of data modeling, governance, and interpretation to ensure you continue to capture good quality data that strengthens your reporting and value-based care goals and objectives. They will make new data modeling recommendations to ensure your organization’s transition to Value-based care is uniquely positioning your organization to maximize VBC appropriate payments and incentives—while avoiding costly penalties.

  • Clinical, Financial & Operational Transformation Workflow Assessment
  • Clinical, Financial & Operational Transformation Workflow Planning & Redesign
  • Clinical, Financial & Operational Transformation Workflow Adoption
  • Aligning Value-Based analytics to optimize clinical and financial performance & outcomes

VBC cannot be achieved until a solid value-based care foundation has been established and agreed to by cohesive care teams of clinical and non-clinical staff (Team) and industry stakeholders.     Our transformation advisors work with teams to adopt a longitudinal approach to managing populations and sub-populations of focus – chronic and preventive … high cost, high-risk – and implement new patient engagement and care coordination strategies that take into consideration the barriers to proactive care, such as, social determinants of health (SDoH).  We help teams create reports and dashboards that empower them to measure their success using “good” data so they can   identify what’s working and what’s not working, and in near real time, know if they are reducing variations in care patterns and aligning patient engagement and coordination activities with multi-payer reimbursement incentives and - the Quadruple Aim.

  • Developing Automated Registries and Advanced Care Performance Tracking to Manage High Risk, High-Cost Populations
  • Adopting a Robust Care Management & Risk Stratification Infrastructure for Value-Based Care
  • Implementing Effective Outreach, Engagement & Care Coordination Processes
  • Addressing the Effects of Social Determinants of Health (“SDoH”)
  • Closing Care Gaps:  Pinpoint Unmet Needs and Gaps in Data or Service Delivery
  • Measuring Patient Engagement & Care Coordination Success Through Data

For healthcare organizations to compete and succeed in today’s rapidly shifting healthcare market, they must have accurate and timely access to meaningful data to help them manage and report how well their providers are performing against a variety of benchmarks and incentive programs.    Having complete visibility and access to meaningful aggregate data across multiple sources is vital for efficient and effective patient care delivery, provider management, resource allocation, and redefining reimbursement models with payers.    
we provide organizations with unmatched data aggregation expertise, a rigorous focus on data integrity and quality program automation, and outcomes reporting capabilities that accelerate the shift from fee-for-service to value-based transformation.   we’ll help you implement new tools, processes and resources that will ultimately help change behavior and improve outcomes as you begin building a network of top performing providers and care teams. 

  • Forensic Data Analysis and Implementation of Data Standardization Practices  
  • Develop Organizational and Provider Level Dashboards and Reports to Measure Clinical, Financial and Operational Efficiency & Effectiveness  
  • Automation and alignment of quality programs and outcomes reporting
  • Implement Data-Driven Action Plans That Iimprove Outcomes, Eeduce Cost, and Enhance Longitudinal Care Coordination

Delivering on the vision of value-based care requires a robust care management and risk stratification infrastructure, a cohesive delivery system, and a well-managed partnership network. Our value-based Transformation experts will evaluate which clinically relevant private or public payer reimbursement models your organization should pursue, be it a PCMH, ACO, or new prospective payment programs like the new Medicare access and chips reauthorization act of 2015 (MACRA).   
From a cost perspective, the total cost of care encompasses holistic spending for the patient—and the patient population as a whole—grouped, benchmarked and analyzed by condition.  as the provider mindset shifts to address this model, taking the appropriate steps in terms of value-based care, hic’s advisors will help you take the steps needed to ensure you’re on the right path in your vbc transformation journey.

  • using advanced technologies and data-driven team-based care to manage high-risk, high-costs populations
  • aligning and developing value-based partnerships with innovative health plans
  • leveraging technology to better connect and coordinate preventive and chronic care across all populations  

Webinars, Education & Trainings (customized) 

  • Providers, Care Teams, Boards, C-Suite, Health Plans/Payers, Vendors, etc

  • Program Specific – PCMH, Value-Based, Chronic and Preventive Care, Integrated Health (Primary & Behavorial), Substance Abuse (Opioid), MIPS, CCM, Million Hearts, HEDIS, Ryan White, Telemedicine, etc. 

  • Market Specific:  FQHC, IHS, Physician Groups, Health Systems, ACOs/CIN, IPA, Health Plans

                 * Includes Preparation and presentation of Materials  

Conference Presentations (local, state & national events) 

  • Industry Stakeholders:  Local, State, Regional, and National Events 

Funding & Grant Assistance

  • Grants Training & Reporting

  • Grant Application Assistance

  • Strategic Planning & Execution

  • Grants Management