It’s no secret that the healthcare industry has been behind data collection and analysis when compared to other industries such as manufacturing. As a result, they’ve also been the industry that has taken the longest in adopting data driven patient and business solutions. Fortunately, with the introduction of electronic medical records and practice management systems we’ve been given the opportunity to use the data within them to make decisions about our business as well as the way we care for our patients.

Using this data, however, is not as easy as pushing a button. There are many factors to consider when choosing what data you’ll be utilizing. The Where, What, When, How, and Why of data is something that should be on the minds of every healthcare provider. You have to find out your “data life-cycle” and understand it from the point of entry, all the way to the extraction and interpretation of it.

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As you understand your data’s life cycle, you can then take the necessary steps to figuring out just what data you have available to work with. Then you can gauge the quality of the data you have access to and figure out how to use this data to improve your practice. The value you get from comparing multiple sets of data is immeasurable, and it will transform your practice in ways you didn’t think possible.

Just imagine, your practice is able to make operational, financial, and clinical decisions all at once. Ensuring that your patients benefit the most from your business practices. You’ll become a truly integrated Medical Home, one that utilizes all of their available data to make the best decisions for their patients across its organization.

Furthermore, making full use of your data will prepare your practice for when value-based care inevitably comes. Your understanding how clinical quality based metrics have an influence on your operational and financial metrics, will save your practice valuable time and resources.

Health Initiatives Consulting can help you with all of the above. Our industry experts will work with you every step of the way, from project planning to implementation, ensuring immediate and long-term success.

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The Value of Data In Transforming Your Healthcare Practice