Health initiatives Consulting

LeadinG Value-based Care Success

Our MIssion:

To serve as trusted advisors to providers, patients, payers and vendors in a way that is meaningful and that empowers the effective collaboration between all stakeholders committed to  creating a healthier nation through access of timely, integrated data needed to deliver high-quality, cost-effective healthcare to all populations when they need it, and in the way, they deserve it –  a.k.a. "the Quadruple Aim!"   


While population health management (PHM) is a common term in today’s healthcare environment, Health Initiatives Consulting’s (HIC) industry experts and experienced transformation advisors take PHM to the next level by serving as trusted advisors to providers, networks, health systems, payers and vendors seeking to collaborate, innovate and navigate the journey to Value-Based Care (VBC) success. 

Our team understands the various stages of the journey to achieve value-based care success.  We work with clients across the nation using proven multi-tiered value-based care models to help us identify key traits associated with the stages of value-based care maturity an organization is currently at, and then make recommendations on next steps to ensure transformation progress for their organization.

Our expert advisors will help your organization adopt or strengthen current population health management goals and objectives, as well as work with you to define and execute new strategic and tactical goals supporting your transition from fee-for-service (FFS) models to new multi-payer value-based care models.

We’ll prepare you to expand market share and member attribution, take on more risk, redefine reimbursement incentives, and help you feel confident as you begin negotiating new risk and shared savings contracts with local and national payers as a high-performing provider. 

We look forward to serving as your trusted transformation advisor in the days, months and years ahead!

In good health,

Rhonda B. Metze

Founder & CEO