Our Core

Our Promise

Our promise to you is to provide you with solutions to your challenges and issues.   We promise to be 100% invested in your mission, vision, goals and objectives, nothing less!   If we don't delight you with measurable success and outcomes every step along the way, tell everyone.  But if when we do, tell everyone! 

Our Goal

Our Goal

Our goal is to significantly improve your business's clinical, financial, and operational performance and provide you with the professional consulting services, solutions, and training needed to successfully achieve your business strategy and KPI goals.

Why Hire Us

We're HIC, which means we're not just another healthcare consulting firm.  We employ "best-of-breed" industry experts so we can deliver on our promise and mission to empower industry stakeholders to lead and excel in health care delivery and outcomes, while reducing total cost of care through the use of integrated data and adoption of aggressive  evidence-based best practices and prevention models.  

So whether you want us to work as your data governance and stewards full-time, or help train your team to be data-driven, value-based experts, we can help!

Just ask any of our clients.

Solution Driven, Client Focused

We strive to help industry stakeholders develop a solid foundation and data-driven business strategy so they can be successful today and in the future.   We will work to help you lead the path to improved health outcomes and ensure all populations have access to high-quality, value-based, integrated healthcare when they need it, where they need, and how they need it !             

"Creating the Value-Based Transformation Advantage"©

Our Promise